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Why omni?

Have you ever fumbled through running tests on your nth project, or found yourself wrestling with incompatible dependencies while setting up your development environment? Perhaps you’re using a collection of disparate tools that easily get out of date, and it’s an ordeal to keep your toolset in a healthy state? It is even more challenging to do that in a growing organization, with every individual having their own way to do things.

Omni addresses these pain points by simplifying dependency definitions, enabling single-command repository setups, and facilitating command discoverability across cloned repositories. It standardizes command access, automates global command updates, and streamlines onboarding with a single repository serving as a centralized entry point.

Omnipotent: power at your fingertips

Omni was designed from the ground up to empower you. It simplifies the process of wrapping any set of commands and provides a consistent interface to interact with them. With omni, you can write any commands, make them available in one or many git repositories, and let omni take care of the rest. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing multiple commands, scripts, aliases and welcome a seamless and unified experience.

Omniscient: know your commands

By properly configuring omni, it can gain deep insight into your command-line environment. It scours through configurations, paths, and makefiles within your current directory tree to discover and collect all your commands. It navigates through your worktrees to identify all your git repositories. Omni becomes your repository of knowledge, allowing you to easily access and utilize your command set and git repositories.

Omnipresent: always by your side

By simply adding omni to your system's path, you unlock the ability to call any of your commands from anywhere in your system. Whether you're in the depths of a complex directory structure or at the root of your project, omni is there to assist you. Enjoy the freedom of working fluidly across directories without losing access to your preferred commands. Let omni be your constant presence, supporting you every step of the way.

Should I use omni?

If you find yourself struggling with the discoverability and standardization of commands and environments in your repositories, or constantly setting up environments before starting work on new repositories, then omni is the tool for you. Omni simplifies and streamlines your command-line experience, providing a consistent interface for interacting with commands, easy lookup of your git repositories, and dynamically-loaded environments. If you are in a company or open source team without clear dev tools or standard commands, omni can get you there in no time.

How can I say thanks for omni?

If you like working with omni, please give omni a star on GitHub and share omni to colleagues, friends, or even your social networks.