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Configuration files

The omni configuration files are expected to be in YAML format. They are searched for in the order they are listed below. Configuration options from later-applied files override configuration options from earlier-applied files.

Some configuration parameters will be ignored if present in the global configuration, others will be ignored if present in the per-repository configuration. The parameters for which it is the case are clearly identified in the documentation.

Global configuration

  • ~/.omni.yaml
  • ~/.config/omni.yaml (will conform to the XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable, if set)
  • ~/.config/omni/config.yaml
  • Any file which path is stored in the OMNI_CONFIG environment variable, if present and non-empty

If no configuration file is present when omni will need to edit one, the latest in the list will be used.

Per-repository configuration

From the root of the git repository:

  • .omni.yaml
  • .omni/config.yaml