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Builtin commands

Omni provides a number of built-in commands. Those are available from anywhere omni can be called, and will be called from the current working directory.

Those commands take precedence over any custom commands, makefile commands or configuration commands, it is thus not possible to override them. However, you can still write "subcommands" for those, that would be called when the specific subcommand is being called.

List of builtin commands


Builtin commandDescription
config bootstrapBootstraps the configuration of omni
config path switchSwitch the source of a repository in the omnipath
config reshimRegenerate the shims for the environments managed by omni
config trustTrust a work directory
config untrustUntrust a work directory
helpShow help for omni commands
hookCall one of omni's hooks for the shell
statusShow the status of omni

Git commands

Builtin commandDescription
cdChange directory to the git directory of the specified repository
cloneClone the specified repository
downTear down a repository depending on its up configuration
scopeRuns an omni command in the context of the specified repository
tidyOrganize your git repositories using the configured format
upSets up a repository depending on its up configuration