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List of configuration parameters

Omni configuration files accept the following parameters:

askpassaskpassConfiguration related to the handling of *_ASKPASS environment variables when doing omni operations that might require a password input
cachecacheConfiguration related to the cache of omni
cdcdConfiguration related to the omni cd command
clonecloneConfiguration related to the omni clone command
command_match_min_scorefloatthe minimum score to be considered when fuzzy matching a command
command_match_skip_prompt_if*_skip_prompt_ifConfiguration of prompt skipping when fuzzy matching a command
commandscommands (map)Commands made available through omni
config_commandsconfig_commandsConfiguration related to the commands defined in the config file
envenvDefinition of the environment variables to be set when running omni commands
makefile_commandsmakefile_commandsConfiguration related to the commands generated from Makefile targets
orgorg (list)Configuration for the default organizations
path_repo_updatespath_repo_updatesConfiguration for the automated updates of the repositories in omni path
pathpathConfiguration of the omni path
repo_path_formatrepo_path_format (string)How to format repositories when cloning them with omni clone or searching them with omni cd (default: %{host}/%{org}/%{repo})
shell_aliasesshell_aliasesConfiguration of the shell aliases to be injected by the init hook.
suggest_clonesuggest_cloneRepositories that a git repository suggests should be clone. Should only be used in git repositories configuration.
suggest_configsuggest_configConfiguration that a git repository suggests should be added to the user configuration. Should only be used in git repositories configuration.
up_commandup_commandConfiguration related to the omni up command
upup (list)List of operations needed to set up or tear down a repository
worktreeworktree (string)Default location of the worktree, where the git repositories are expected to be located


Simple user configuration

- handle: ""
trusted: true
- handle: ""
trusted: true
- /Users/xaf/git/omnicli/omni-example
repo_path_format: "%{org}/%{repo}"

All values set by the default configuration

commands: {}
command_match_min_score: 0.12
enabled: true
first_min: 0.80
second_max: 0.60
path_match_min_score: 0.12
enabled: true
first_min: 0.80
second_max: 0.60
ls_remote_timeout: 5s
split_on_dash: true
split_on_slash: true
env: {}
enabled: true
split_on_dash: true
split_on_slash: true
org: []
append: []
prepend: []
enabled: true
self_update: ask # true, false or ask
interval: 43200 # 12 hours
ref_type: "branch" # branch or tag
ref_match: null # regex or null
per_repo_config: {}
repo_path_format: "%{host}/%{org}/%{repo}"
auto_bootstrap: true