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Location of the default worktree.

If this value is not set, it will default to, in order:

  • ~/git if the path exists
  • $GOPATH/src if $GOPATH is defined and the path exists
  • ~/git

The default value will be ignored if OMNI_GIT is defined, as it overrides the worktree location.


# Using an absolute path
worktree: /absolute/path/to/my/worktree

# Using a relative path - this is relative to the location of
# the configuration file containing that configuration entry
worktree: relative/path/to/my/worktree

# Using a home-prefixed path
worktree: ~/worktree


The environment variable OMNI_GIT overrides the worktree location on the condition that it is targetting an absolute path. If the variable is empty or contains a relative path, it will be ignored.

# Overrides worktree
export OMNI_GIT=/absolute/path/to/my/worktree
# Ignored, worktree configuration will be used
export OMNI_GIT=relative/path/to/my/worktree
# Ignored, worktree configuration will be used
export OMNI_GIT=