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Configuration to build the omni path, where omni will look for commands to make available to the user.

Once built, the omni path works like the PATH environment variable but for omni commands: only the first command in the path for a given name will be considered.


appendlist of path entriesList of the paths to append to the omni path
prependlist of path entriesList of the paths to prepend to the omni path

If you want to be able to stack paths in different configuration files, you can take advantage of the configuration merging strategies.

Path entries

Each path entry can either be a string or a map with the following keys:

packagestringHandle of the repository to be used as a package; if provided and path is relative, the package path will be prepended to the value of path to compute the absolute path to be considered.
pathstringThe absolute or relative path to the directory to be added to the omni path. If relative and not provided alongside a package value, will be considered as a relative path from the directory of the configuration file containing the path entry.


- /absolute/path
- relative/path
- path: /other/absolute/path
- package:
path: path/in/the/package
- /absolute/path
- relative/path
- path: other/relative/path


The environment variable OMNIPATH can be used to add paths as a colon-separated list. Any path added through the OMNIPATH environment variable will be considered after path/prepend and before path/append.

export OMNIPATH=/absolute/path1:/absolute/path2